Friday 8 July 2016

Nestlé Bear Brand - Custom Canister and Scoop

In the years that you have been going to the supermarket – first as a tag-along to your parents, and now as an actual paying consumer – how many times have you encountered a brand that gives away not just one but two items in a single promo gift pack? If you are like us, then the answer is “only a few times”, because not all the brands are exceedingly generous to bother themselves with different freebies. Yet, when you purchase a large Nestlé Bear Brand powdered milk drink, you will get one durable canister, as well as a custom scoop.

Nestlé Bear Brand - Limited Edition Canister and Scoop

Gestured Advantages of Free Canister and Scoop
  • Triggers Buying Reflex. Some consumers are slow to make decisions on whether they will get the one with gift with purchase or not. However, because there are two of them in a lone price, it triggers their buying reflex and makes them immediately reach for the product.
  • Attracts More Purchasers. When people scope the racks and see the highly affordable on-pack promotion, even those who do not regularly purchase the brand’s merchandise will grab one or two. If you promote your brand like Nestlé does, you can foresee the good future of your sales.
  • Upturns Brand Significance. The free canister is already a nice gift since it seems to be thick and will not break easily, but the brand has chosen to add a free scoop that is customized for Bear Brand, so the consumers have been able to do nothing except for like them more.

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