Friday 8 July 2016

Customized Flat Ladle for Knorr’s GWP Promo

Knorr is a top provider of seasonings and condiments which are what you will need to make your meals – and your day – tasty. From broth cubes to powdered flavorings, you can be sure that they make them.

The brand is not short either of marketing ideas that can pull in more customers from different parts of the country. One of them is this free flat ladle.

Customized Flat Ladle for Knorr’s GWP Promo

What comes after sending out this in-pack promotion?
  • Soaring Sales. You can just count on your fingers how many people in the world solely depend on restaurants to make their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of them cook at home. For this reason, the flat ladle is a handsome promo gift, and it is going to make the brand’s sales soar higher.
  • Improved Product Consciousness. The gift with purchase can make the consumers conscious about the new products of Knorr. This will then lead once more to additional sales for the month.
  • Increased Health Perception (for customers). When you think more severely of the customized kitchen utensil, you will realize that it is going to be toasted on metallic pots and pans. However, this is a good thought for consumers, because then they will also recognize that more brands are leaning towards freebies that will enable them, in a way, to use less or no oil when cooking. In return, they will be healthier than ever.

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