Thursday 7 July 2016

Promo Gift Bowl by Lucky Me!

One of the perks of eating in a well-known restaurant, apart from the good food, is being able to take a selfie or groufie with the tableware and wall decorations which suggest where you are. This way, you can show your friends on social media what you have recently done. But you know, you do not need to spend that much if you just want a take pictures of yourself with a branded kitchen utensil. Here is a free bowl from Lucky Me!

Promo Gift Bowl by Lucky Me!

Benefits from a GWP Bowl
  • Handy. The consumers can utilize the branded bowl as their special container when they eat something from the same manufacturer. They do not need to waste one more second in thinking of where they will put the noodles, as the on-pack promotion will immediately come to mind.
  • Brand Remembrance. Apart from that, the promo gift will also make them remember to buy more products from the brand. In return, more purchases will go to Lucky Me!
  • Brand Value. As time goes by and the people get to use the gift with purchase often, they are going to be thankful that they did not just pass by it when they have seen it in the supermarket. Thus, the value of the brand increases.

At Marketing Gifts blog, you will notice how the simplest promotional ideas can be the best ways to market a brand.

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