Thursday 28 July 2016

Marketing Tip from Ferrari: Personalize Your GWP

One classic mistake that some novice brand owners commit is forgetting to embroider or print their respective logos on the promotional gift items. When you have allowed work to take over the time you should be spending in the la la land, it will be great if you can introduce yourself to the consumers through the brand name.

Owning and customizing your promo products is what you should learn from Ferrari. From the fastest cars to the collectible merchandise that they sell, even to the advertising goods that they give away, the brand logo is always present in every single one of them.

Marketing Tip from Ferrari: Personalize Your GWP

How to Personalize Your GWP?
  1. Use Brand Colors. Ferrari is known for making use of solid colors like red, black and yellow. They are not much into graphics – a fact that increases the marketability of their regular and gift with purchase items.
  2. Stick to a Logo Design. Ferrari does not put different logo designs in any of their products as well, because that can create a mix-up in the consumers’ brains. Your emblem helps promote your business, as it lets people have a constant reminder of the brand.
  3. Correlate to Other Products. Since cars are the biggest merchandise of the company, the free gifts that they will manufacture should correlate to this, among various things. The promotional toiletry bag, for instance, can be utilized in every adventure that the consumer takes on with the car. 

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