Thursday 28 July 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Advertising Gift - Branded Lipstick Organizer

The women who prioritize the cleanliness and orderliness of their room are real champs. No matter how demanding their schedule is every day, they won’t be leaving without all of the accessories, clothes, makeup and beddings nicely tucked in their designated places. The problem with this though is that if they like to go through every jewelry box or makeup kit to find the right trinket and color to match their outfit, rearranging them in cases once more can be time-consuming. Thus, to relieve a bit of the stress of having an OCD, be sure to get the lipstick organizer from Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury Advertising Gift - Branded Lipstick Organizer

Customer Loots from the Advertising Merchandise
  • Lipstick Visibility. The gift with purchase has even and wide spaces, so the name and the color of the lip makeup are more visible. Because of it, the consumer does not need to lift each lipstick up just to see if it is the shade she wants.
  • Higher Accessibility. This particular organizer can also be situated on top of the vanity, that’s why the consumer can efficiently use her time in applying the lipstick instead of looking for it. Such marketing ideas are better than boxes, since they give faster access to the products.
  • Freer Spaces. The promo gift can hold up to 12 items in full. In the event that customer really is a huge fanatic of lipsticks to the point that they are already crammed in one station, the branded organizer can provider more spaces for them.

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