Thursday 28 July 2016

Promo Gift by Elica - Custom Cosmetic Pouch

Concealers are like magical beauty products that cover up anything from eye bags to blemishes and dark spots all over the body. But one of the skin imperfections that such cannot hide is eczema. It will get so itchy and may even get irritated if you drop a ton of concealer on it. Therefore, you need an ointment that will make you no longer embarrassed of wearing skirts, shorts or sleeveless tops even if you have eczema. You can find a few merchandise that combat this medical condition, but we like Elica more because of their on-pack promotion.

Promo Gift by Elica - Custom Cosmetic Pouch

Customized Promo Gift’s Perks

  • Lightweight. It is a no-frill type of gift with purchase. Only the zipper is the metallic part of it, so it is very light.
  • Less Roomy. You can take the promo gift wherever you will travel because it is not hefty nor bulky. If you want to put it in your luggage, that’s okay. If you like it to be handier, you can place it in your purse.
  • Valuable. Consumers can utilize the free pouch for more than just cosmetic purposes, since it can also be an on-the-go storage kit for your first-aid and bath products. This makes it extra valuable for them.
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