Wednesday 27 July 2016

Walter Mart Promotion - GWP Nestle Milo Umbrella

When a sports team launches their freebies for the current season, they are all over the internet. A lot of people who support them can free items on a certain game day. But when a supermarket shows off their promotional ideas, they do it using the means that are within their reach - the food and beverage companies. It entails that they partner with known manufacturers to market the brand, and then present the results the partnership throughout the entire place.

The perfect example of this is the free umbrella which is a gift with purchase that consumers can receive for every single receipt of NestlĂ© Milo products that have been bought in the Walter Mart Supermarket.

Walter Mart Promotion - GWP Nestle Milo Umbrella

Great GWP Gains
  • Establishment Recognition. Although it has many branches in the country, the supermarket still has not infiltrated the international scene. For this reason, the branded promo gift may be able to help it become more recognizable to consumers.
  • Bigger Deals. As you see on the image, the gift with purchase announcement is the first thing that will welcome the people in the parking lot. There are many families too that really enjoy the malt energy drink from NestlĂ©, that’s why the company can expect bigger deals from this.
  • Concrete Loyalty. Because they get more than what they sign up for when they shop for groceries here, the customers will naturally be more loyal to the brand. Thus, the patrons of the supermarket will not be reduced.

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