Tuesday 26 July 2016

Branded Glass: Promo Gift from Tiki-Tiki

Younger married couples who have their eyes opened to the reality of how tough it is to earn normal wages for themselves want to plan ahead and limit the number of children they will be giving birth to. Because of this, they will only consume products for babies and children for a few years.

For the manufacturers of such merchandise, you should be trailing the footsteps of Tiki-Tiki, which has a branded glass as a promo gift.

Branded Glass: Promo Gift from Tiki-Tiki

The reason why this is a great on-pack promotion is because:
  1. It is a memorabilia. You may have only heard some people talk about making scrapbooks or photo albums that represent the growth of their kids. However, others also collect memorabilia that have been a part of their babyhood so that they remember those days. This branded glass is small enough to be contained in a box where they usually keep those mementos.
  2. It can be a living room display. The brand name is printed on the gift with purchase, but it does not seem childish. So, the parents can keep it on their mantelpiece even when the babies turn into adults.
  3. It inspires word-of-mouth promotion. This is the best way to market a brand. While it may be right that they are done popping out babies into the world, they still have friends who may just be starting to build their own family and are in the dark about what food supplements they can give to their babies. Hence, they won’t forget to recommend Tiki-Tiki.

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