Thursday 14 July 2016

Vista Alegre GWP - Branded Wooden Box

How often have you heard the saying: “It is better to give than to receive”?

This is what is instilled to us as kids, so that we can bring this excellent principle up to old age. Though it is true that offering something to others – money, service, etc. – without waiting for anything in return makes you aware of a different level of elation that you can only experience when you do a good deed, it does not make you less of a Samaritan to think of when it will be you at the receiving end of gifts at times. You are still a normal human being, and that is a humanly thought.

A distinctive present that is enjoyed by many adults is wine sealed in a branded wooden box. In relation to this, Vista Alegre, a brand of wine from Portugal’s Vineyards Vallegre, has their Fine Ruby Port wine sent to consumers in a GWP wooden container.

Vista Alegre GWP - Branded Wooden Box

Importance of Branded On-Pack Promotion Materials
  1. Unyielding Quality. The promo gift is more superior than a paper or plastic box, due to the fact that it takes more time and precision to craft this from wood. Thus, consumers know that its unyielding quality is made sure by the experts within the brand.
  2. High-Class Impression. When the gift with purchase does not seem like it has been mass produced by a machine, the first impression of the recipients is it is high-class. Since it is from Vista Alegre’s Gentleman’s Collection, the brand name easily becomes first-rate in the consumers’ eyes too.
  3. Faultless Labeling. The untainted surface of the wood makes it a faultless spot for product labeling. So, the brand owners do not need to pay for the printing of gift tags or bags to make their name known.

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