Friday 15 July 2016

Free Champagne Stopper – Promo Gift by Lanson

Corks are fun and efficient little stoppers that have always been connected with wine merchandise. Yet, they are not just good for the popping noise they make when celebrants force them out of the bottle by shaking the latter vigorously. The material is kind of soft because it is made from a bark tissue, but air, water or other microbial substances cannot penetrate it. The outcome is that the quality of the wine gets preserved.

Nevertheless, you realize that innovation is constantly happening in different parts of the world, yes? The value of corks in the wine industry is dropping, as modern wine stoppers are becoming more popular.

Free Champagne Stopper – Promo Gift by Lanson

Above is a free champagne stopper – a promo gift by Lanson. This is a wickedly marvelous method to market a brand since:
  1. This is a chic stopper. The size of the gift with purchase cannot reduce its stylishness. It is a good blend of sweet, casual and elegant, that’s why it is a total showstopper for any occasion.
  2. Branding is easy. Other than the nice fact that it is an on-pack promotion – so you do not have to setup personnel where customers can claim the free champagne stopper from – putting your brand logo on the material is not difficult. You only need to print it on top for it to be noticeable to people.
  3. Ecological. This promo gift is ecological, due to the fact that you can use it for any wine that you have. The smell of the alcoholic drink will not stick to it, but if you want extra assurance about this, you can hand-wash it.

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