Friday 5 August 2016

Aramis Promo Gift - Elegant Plaid Umbrella

Have you been through a phase during your childhood in which you refuse to bring an umbrella and just puts on a hoodie because you have innocently assumed that the latter can protect you from the onset of the downpour? For certain, you have learned from your mistake in a chilling fashion that has you soaking to the bones, and no longer has to be told beforehand to take the umbrella almost on a day-to-day basis. In case you are apprehensive about it denting your style, get the elegant plaid umbrella from Aramis, a fragrance brand that's part of the Estee Lauder Companies.

Aramis Promo Gift - Elegant Plaid Umbrella

Advantageous Points of the Promo Gift
  • Sturdy Stick. The free umbrella has a sturdy stick that will not rust or get brittle easily. This has been made to survive innumerable rainy days and nights.
  • Dense Fabric. Because the fabric used for the gift with purchase is thick, the plaid design will not fade even if it always gets wet. The customers can also simply give it a good wipe after being air-dried, as dirt will not permanently stick to it.
  • Customized Handle. The consumers can like too the fact that the promotional product has a customized handle, instead of the common J-shaped ones. Hence, their sense of distinctiveness is further highlighted.

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