Friday 5 August 2016

Promo Gift Towel from Vince Camuto

If you have always had high-quality towel all these years, consider yourself very fortunate. Your skin has not been scratched whenever you dry your body after a good, hot bath. You have never needed to use multiple towels which are too thin that the water easily soaks through the fabric before you are done using them. Now that you are adult and have bills to shoulder, it remains fine to indulge with luxurious towels, especially if they are promotional products from Vince Camuto.

Promo Gift Towel from Vince Camuto

The free towel will be in demand because:
  1. It is not average-looking. The gift with purchase is comparable to the bath sheets that five-star hotels provide to their guests. Hence, the consumers will feel how much the brand values them.
  2. The colors utilized are nice. Although there are individuals who appreciate Goth and its various forms, more people like light colors to perhaps set the mood for the day. This promo gift has white and cool blue in stripes, so it seems very pleasing.
  3. It has been created from a fashion powerhouse. If you know the Nine West brand, you should know Vince Camuto as well, since the latter co-founded the former. Thus, it is wonderful to obtain a freebie from such a powerhouse designer.

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