Friday 26 August 2016

Complimentary Wallet – POLICE Promotional Idea

The old superstitions are kind of weird, don’t you think? You cannot go to your destination if a black cat crosses the road ahead of you. The plates on the table need to be turned in a certain way for how many times before someone can leave. The beliefs of the newer generation make a bit more sense though, as they speak about wearing the right shoes if you want to reach your dream land, and putting a foreign bill that has higher exchange rate in your new wallet, so that you can attract more money. You can do the latter with the complimentary wallet from POLICE.

Complimentary Wallet – POLICE Promotional Idea

This is a rewarding freebie because it is:
  • Petite. Bulky wallets are acceptable only for the ladies. Men may see it as impractical, since that is such a handful to bring. Thus, the fineness of the gift with purchase is great.
  • Subtle. This complimentary merchandise from POLICE is made with black leather. Those who need to be among a large crowd often will appreciate a branded wallet that can blend in to their clothes.
  • Adequate. Guys are quite low maintenance. Aside from their mobile phone, they just need some money or a credit card with them. Hence, there is space for either in the promo gift.

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