Monday 29 August 2016

Promotional Tote Bag by Maria Clara Sangria

Coming home to your friends and family after a month-long offsite work is really heartwarming. However, when you see that they are ready to hit the beach and just waiting for you to drop your luggage and head out with them, your tired brain may not be able to catch up immediately with all the commotion, and all you can do is grab a few clothes and silently hope that you have at least taken a shirt, a short and some underwear. 

This disaster would not have happened if you have emergency outfit that can be placed in a tote bag that is similar to what Maria Clara Sangria is providing as a gift with purchase.

Promotional Tote Bag by Maria Clara Sangria

On-Pack Promo Benefits for the Clients
  • Easily Accessible. The item is not bulky, so it can be folded up and placed in your luggage or purse. The fact that it is easily accessible for any occasion makes it a wonderful promo gift.
  • Zip-Up Ready. You will not need to check if your possessions are still in the promotional tote bag or have already fallen out, because it has a zippered top to hold everything inside. This is a feature that a lot of clients will be thankful for.

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