Friday 12 August 2016

Free Puzzle Cup - GWP from Nutrilin

Seeing children learn things for the first time in their young lives is really remarkable. Their small hands barely know how to hold stuff; their eyes are sparkling with joy and wonderment. Thus, this is the most righteous moment for you to acquaint them with toys that can exercise their smarts earlier than later.

The image below shows the free puzzle cup, an on-pack promotion from Nutrilin.

Free Puzzle Cup - GWP from Nutrilin

It is a fantastic GWP because of its:
  • Functionality. Remember that these are free cup and free puzzle rolled into one amazing marketing product. The kiddos can get their milk sustenance or quench their thirst while learning, that’s why it is very functional.
  • Brilliance. Younger kids sometimes find it difficult to sit still for more than five minutes. But since they can twist some parts of this gift with purchase as they drink, their attention will be drawn to it more.
  • Luster. The promo gift has a polished look and feel that is not foreign to children. It does not have bumps or any design that will daunt them to touch the cup and eventually play the puzzle.

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