Thursday 11 August 2016

Free Sandwich Keeper from Nestlé Milo

The activities that are enjoyable for single people are no longer applicable for parents who would rather bond with their kids over puzzles than go out and drink with their friends. Their priorities are centered to the children’s welfare, and they are willing to do everything to make sure that their mini-me’s are eating the right kind of foods and getting stronger each day. Hence, for the kids who are old enough to attend school, their lunch bags most likely contain a healthy sandwich, a fruit and a tasty beverage.

However, simply leaving the sandwich in a resealable bag can’t be as appetizing as putting it in the free sandwich keeper from Nestlé Milo.

Free Sandwich Keeper from Nestlé Milo

Basic Rewards of Obtaining the On-Pack Promotion
  • No Squashed Sandwich. In case the school does not provide locker rooms for the students, the children will have to carry – or swing around – their lunch box wherever they go. If a heavy fruit is in the bag with the sandwich, it will definitely get squashed before lunchtime comes. Due to this, it will be nice to have a solid and free sandwich keeper that can be used by the kids.
  • Safe from Bacteria. The gift with purchase tightly seals the sandwich inside. Thus, even if they bring it as is out of the house, bacteria won’t be able to infect it.
  • Freshness is Preserved. Aside from the bacteria, air cannot enter the promo gift, so the bread part of the sandwich can maintain its softness until the children are ready to eat. The freshness of the food can attract them to finish their meal.

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