Thursday 11 August 2016

Personalized Flip-Flops from Impulse Cosmetics

Flip-flops is a type of sandals whose usefulness does not stop in nail salons where it will be expensive to have your freshly painted nails redone when they get ruined by your closed shoes. It is a practical footwear when you go to the beach, and a miraculous thing to change into after a whole day of being in high heels or leather shoes. Therefore, you are going to love the personalized flip-flops that Impulse Cosmetics is giving away at the moment.

Personalized Flip-Flops from Impulse Cosmetics

Three Brand Reimbursements from the Free Merchandise
  • Extra Sales. There are many sandals brands in the market, yet none of them have the logo of Impulse Cosmetics. For this reason, this promo gift will click to the consumers, and extra sales will come to the brand.
  • Newfound Consciousness. A greater number of people will know about the brand when they see others wearing this gift with purchase. It is a better way to promote a brand, because the on-lookers will no longer need to ask where you got it.
  • More Consumer Loyalty. Consumers like it a lot when they receive a freebie from their trusted brand, whether it is an on-pack promotion or not, because it makes them feel appreciated. Hence, the flip-flops can surely increase their loyalty to Impulse Cosmetics.

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