Friday 12 August 2016

Free Vanity Kit - Watsons Promo Product

Being labelled as a vain person is almost as if being told that you are a Narcissist, that all that matters in your own perfect world is your looks. It is such a bad moniker for individuals who simply like to be presentable and clean more than the others. Much like how they do not judge you for not wanting to wash your hair for a few days or always eating take-outs from fast food restaurants, they deserve some respect too. Hence, if you have committed this ill-doing before, take the free vanity kit from Watsons and gift it to them.

Free Vanity Kit - Watsons Promo Product

What is perky about this promo gift?
  • The Size. This is a champ in terms of the number of cosmetic products that can be placed inside it. Having this gift with purchase means you do not have to have separate carriers for your lotion, shampoo, etc.
  • The Style. It will most likely be just you who will see the free vanity kit, but its style is still important. It has been made from fabric that resembles the velvet, so it looks very timeless.
  • The Heft. This does not weight much on its own, so it won’t be taxing for you to put it in your purse or luggage. Thus, you can take this customized product anywhere you go.

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