Thursday 15 September 2016

Beginning Boutique GWP - Promotional Stainless Flask

Having a sip of an alcoholic beverage that you have known for so long can make you feel more at ease to attend to your tasks. But when you visit various countries, you will realize that your favorite may just be available in your motherland, and not in the new land. The solution, therefore, is to fill the promo stainless steel flask – a Beginning Boutique GWP – with your drink of choice.

Beginning Boutique GWP - Promotional Stainless Flask

Benefits of Using This Promo Gift
  • It shows brand quality. Stainless steel is an amazing metal, because it does not corrode easily, and the liquid inside is well-hidden. The regular bottles are usually dark-colored, if you notice, since some alcohols are not allowed to be exposed to light. Thus, this gift with purchase maintains the quality of the beverage and the brand.
  • It can be a customized product. It is not shown on the image, yet the manufacturer can choose to emboss or engrave their logo or name anywhere on the free flask. We say “anywhere”, so it will look cool where you put it on the lid or the body. It increases the visibility of the brand.

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