Wednesday 14 September 2016

Branded Baller - Giorgio Armani PWP

Giorgio Armani is an ultra-successful brand in the fashion industry that offers Italian-made apparel and accessories to the whole wide world. Their achievements, however, are not absolutely due to the fine quality of their products. It can also be because they have been helping a lot of less fortunate individuals through large charity institutions up to this day. The newest purchase with purchase from the company is a baller bracelet, and the proceeds will go to UNICEF.

Branded Baller - Giorgio Armani PWP

Advertising Strategies That It Can Teach To A New Brand Owner
  1. Generate In Bulk. The promo gift is made from silicone, so a machine can be programmed to do the specific cuts for it. When you mass produce the item, the costs will be economical.
  2. Add Logo/Name On It. Since Giorgio Armani is already an established company, more consumers will want the branded bracelet that has their name. This is what you should do as well, in order for them to know your brand.
  3. Market The Products Well. The strategy of the fashion house is to include a perfume sample with the custom-made merchandise, so that they can feel more inclined to pay an extra buck for the gift. This can make the PWP more effective.

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