Tuesday 13 September 2016

Free Tote Bag - Gift with Purchase by Marula

What is commendable about brands that are in the health, fashion and cosmetic industries is that they do not make use of promotional ideas that the customers will never have a need for. You may have not heard of a certain personal care or beauty company that has given away a free toy, because the target audience consists of full-pledged adult women whose playground is all of Earth. The usual stuff that you can expect from them are promo pen, mug or tote bag that’s very similar to this one by Marula.

Free Tote Bag - Gift with Purchase by Marula

Perks of Sending Out the Free Tote Bag
  • More Clients Attained. For consumers who live in or are about to go to a tropical country, they have greater use for this gift with purchase. The beach is a given in such a location, that’s why it is extra practical to bring a canvas bag instead of a fancier bag.
  • More Sales Acquired. It has every feature that a person can ask for – a top handle, a wide inner space, and a zipper. The earnings of the brand may rise because of the promo gift, in case all the potential clients turn into paying customers.
  • More Awareness Ensured. The brand logo elegantly cover a good portion of the bag. The golden color on the on-pack promotion looks amazing against the beige fabric, so you can guarantee that more consumers will also be aware of it.

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