Friday 23 September 2016

Branded Makeup Case from Christian Dior

Not many guys know about this, but seeing your high-priced blusher or eyeshadow palette crushed in your bag because you have briefly failed to recall that it is there when you dropped the tote on the hardwood floor is like watching your hard-earned money get flushed down the sewers. It is no fun at all, particularly if the makeup has been smeared on the interior lining of the bag. This can be hindered though once you own the branded case from Christian Dior.

Branded Makeup Case from Christian Dior

Suave Marketing Strategies To Absorb From The GWP
  1. Be Daring With Pigment Choices. Christian Dior’s target audience is the adults, or the ladies who are beyond the drinking age limit, that’s why the dark red gift with purchase is appropriate. If you have a similar target market, it may be better to opt for fierce colors too.
  2. Go Big on Branding - Literally. We always speak about less being more. However, it is also alright to enlarge the size of the brand logo that will be printed on the promo gift, because why not?
  3. Innovate With Different Resources. Canvas and faux leather are often used to create beauty bags, but the branded makeup case from Christian Dior has a hard outer shell that can protect its contents from impact. This is a revolutionized way to promote the brand.

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