Friday 23 September 2016

Marketing Tip from Dermablend: Brand It Your Way

Due to the increasing number of promotional strategies that we continue to realize almost every other day in the market, learning the boundaries of these ideas is like looking for the end digit for the real value of the mathematical constant ‘pi’. It is basically infinite – never-ending – that’s why the oasis of money-making ways to market your business will most certainly never run dry.

Below are a few tips that you can gain from this GWP applicator of Dermablend.

Marketing Tip from Dermablend: Brand It Your Way
  1. Enhance Functionality. Sponge applicators do not usually have a handle, yet this gift with purchase has. It increases the usefulness of the product, as well as allows the consumers to keep their hands clean while applying the makeup.
  2. Make Logo Visible. The handle proves to be a great idea, as the Dermablend logo can be wrapped around it. The customers will therefore remember the cosmetic company through the promo gift.
  3. Brand It Your Way. The customized cosmetic product has been branded according to the brand owners’ likes. The name may be printed right on the sponge, but they have added a handle instead, which has made it extra visible. This simply shows that you can mark your merchandise your own way.

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