Friday 23 September 2016

Bumble and Bumble GWP – Free Tote Bag

Red has garnered mixed views in the past decades. Since it is the same color as blood, some have linked it to wars, crimes and murders in several countries. However, in Asia, especially in China, this has always been seen as a lucky color, that’s why the Chinese folks typically wear red clothes and hang red decorations whenever there are festivals. Aside from that, other nations believe in it too. If we are to follow the latter idea, we can say that more consumers can appreciate the red tote bag of Bumble and Bumble.

Bumble and Bumble GWP – Free Tote Bag

Places Where The GWP Can Be Beneficial
  • Beach. Going to the beach with only the bathing suit you are in mostly occurs on TV shows and movies. Real beach-goers like to take a book, sunglasses, spare clothes, towel, lotion and bottled water with them, that’s why they need this promo gift that can handle all of that.
  • Mall. Shopping malls are more eco-friendly now than ever, as the usual plastic bags have been replaced by paper bags. Yet, if you will buy a lot of stuff, it is better to put them in the gift with purchase altogether rather than fill your arms with those.
  • Park. Mothers’ purses are often full of their babies’ essentials. In case you are one and you plan on going to the park with your children, the free tote bag has a strap, so you can keep it on your body while running after the kids.

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