Thursday 8 September 2016

Branded Sunglasses Case by Guerlain

It is an absolute tragedy when your fear of damaging your new sunglasses happens just when you have spent a lot of time strategizing how to store it in your bag, but then you have not thought of the possibility of it being scratched by the bag’s fabric. The scratch marks on your shades can haunt you in your dreams, that’s why you should be careful in terms of where you will place such a precious accessory. If you want to hear our advice though, we’d say you can put it in the branded Terracotta case from Guerlain.

Branded Sunglasses Case by Guerlain

What are the advantages a consumer can get from it?
  1. Soft but strong case. This customized merchandise has a tough outer layer and microfiber inner layer. You can leave the original casing of your sunglasses at home, as the gift with purchase can provide enough protection for it.
  2. High-quality shades holder. The promo gift may actually be greater than a regular case, because it does not crack and can conform to the size of the sunglasses easily. It shows the nice quality of the item.

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