Wednesday 7 September 2016

Belle Etoile Jewelry GWP - Pashmina Tote Bag

Jewelry shops are often stereotyped as only giving away the things that they manufacture, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and other metallic accessories. Even though these are special items that really represent the brand, some people may feel that it is their manner of getting rid of the products that have performed poorly in the sales, and so they do not wish to patronize it. However, this typecasting cannot affect Belle Etoile Jewelry, because their GWP is a Pashmina tote bag, which is far from their own merchandise.

Belle Etoile Jewelry GWP - Pashmina Tote Bag

Reimbursements of Providing Unexpected GWPs
  • More Regulars. Customers adore the brand that can change their promotional strategies on a regular basis. The free tote bag is not what they regularly see in this store, so it is quite a breath of fresh air for them.
  • Bigger Revenues. The gift with purchase evokes a sense of freedom that a few companies do not have. This only means that Belle Etoile owners have a mind of their own regarding what items are great for giveaways. Thus, more revenues await the brand.
  • Higher Recognition. The promo gift looks so lively and lovely, and it seems to be a great bag for summer or spring. It can also hold a lot of things, and the handles will not snap easily. This can make Belle Etoile Jewelry highly recognized in the industry.

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