Tuesday 6 September 2016

Cool Gift Box from Atelier Cologne

Packaging matters.

This is a relevant fact that people in the business world have come to know through experience. When you wrap the goods in an old sheet of newspaper, it will be more surprising to hear that you have sold even a piece, because that is an unattractive packaging. The best way to market your business is by placing the merchandise in gift boxes, irrespective of what your products are. A cool sample of this is the one from Atelier Cologne.

Cool Gift Box from Atelier Cologne

Things That Make It A Profitable On-Pack Promotion
  • Exclusivity. The name showing on the promotional gift box instantly turns this into an exclusive item. People will therefore know at once that this is from Atelier, and not from other brands.
  • Class.  This promo gift has been made with thick material that will not crumple or tear when you unbox the stuff inside it. Such a gift box entails that the brand wants it to last, so that the consumers can continue seeing the logo and keep it away from the back of their mind.
  • Simplicity. The ribbon is a nice touch that’s added to the gift with purchase. It makes the box look elegant without even trying.

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