Friday 16 September 2016

dpHUE Advertising Idea - Branded Hair Color Cape

Since variations of Goth and grunge styles from the 20th century have been revived or modified in the recent years, coloring one’s hair in bolder shades other than black and brown has become a phenomenon once again. Hence, wherever you go, there will be people with green, blue, yellow, pink and various exciting hair colors.

Yet, just a few of them take the time to visit a salon and pay a hundred bucks for it, as more of these individuals do it the DIY way. In the even that you want to try coloring your locks at home too, better get the cape from dpHUE.

dpHUE Advertising Idea - Branded Hair Color Cape

What promotional ideas can you collect from this?
  1. Keep the Fabric Washable. Companies like dpHUE that create permanent hair coloring treatments need to also make a related gift with purchase that will not be stained and is washable. When you go by this tip, the consumers can use the customized product often.
  2. Don’t Overlook the Brand Name. This is the life of your advertising gift. Without it, no one will find out where it originally has come from. The branded cape is too big of a canvas to not be painted – or printed – with your logo.

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