Friday 16 September 2016

Free Red Pouch - Kenzo Promo Gift

People mention that you are a certified lady when you cannot leave the house a purse in tow, because it means that you are ready to face any situation once in public. The bulk of this bag will be based on your personal needs, of course. If you have babies to feed or change clothes, a larger one is great. But if it is only you, the red pouch from Kenzo is enough for your cash, smartphone, keys and lipstick.

Free Red Pouch - Kenzo Promo Gift

Noteworthy Characteristics of the Pouch
  1. The Logo. Normal perfume brands that have solid-hued freebies use very little space for their logo. For Kenzo, on the other hand, they have re-imagined their logo and consumed more room on the promo gift. Because of it, only the letter ‘K’ is shown in a fashionable way, and younger women can appreciate this.
  2. The Strap. The strap of the free pouch will pass as a wristlet, so the consumers can secure it much easier. This is significant, especially when your concentration is not on the people around you, and you are unsure if any of them will try to rob you.
  3. The Edges. The stitches are within the gift with purchase, that’s why it looks seamless on the outside. Even the zipper has been nicely covered by the extended top. The additional attention to details is helpful when you wish to promote your business.

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