Friday 16 September 2016

Gift with Purchase by Kat Burki - Branded Candle

If you drop by a friend’s flat and you realize that it smells so good in there, the imaginary light bulb in your head will switch on, and your first thought is that he or she must have joined the growing numbers of scented candle fanatics in the world. This is an effective and less lavish way of spreading fragrance in the house instead of using an actual perfume. Likewise, it can be an inexpensive gift with purchase for other companies likes Kat Burki.

Gift with Purchase by Kat Burki - Branded Candle

3 Tips in Personalizing the Candle
  1. Place in a Clear, Branded Glass. Kat Burki shows how a simple candle can look like the brand has spent a lot for its manufacturing. The glass where it has been placed has the company’s logo on just one portion, so that the theory that “less is more” is proven yet again.
  2. Use a Ribbon with Your Brand Name. Many top-class brands utilize custom-made ribbon these days when putting together a promo gift. It is also a great marketing strategy, specifically for newer businesses.
  3. Cover It With Neat Wrapper. The free candle will not seem this appealing if it has not been carefully wrapped in the plastic. Packaging matters – try not to forget that.

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