Friday 9 September 2016

Free Fouta Towel by L'Occitane

When a person leaves his nice, hot bath, all the warmth that he has felt while his body has been submerged in it goes away immediately. There surely is not even a single soul who likes the feeling of the temperature dropping, that’s why there is nothing more comforting than having a soft towel that you can shield yourself with before you exit the bathroom. The fouta towel from L’Occitane will even make you think as if you are in a Mediterranean beach.

Free Fouta Towel by L'Occitane

Other Compensations from the GWP
  • Refreshing. It has yellow stripes that stretch on the width of the towel. The design of this promo gift will undoubtedly keep you feeling like it is summer all year round.
  • Distinct. The free towel is different from the regular ones that have straight edges. L’Occitane’s marketing merchandise has frayed ends that effectively generates an exotic vibe.
  • Thin. The fabric of the gift with purchase is not as thick or heavy as what the typical towels have. Yet, it continues to provide warmness to the consumer. The bonus is that it can also dry faster.

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