Friday 9 September 2016

Pandora Promo Gift - Free Leather Bracelet

Due to old fairy tales where the princesses are always the damsels in distress, the ones who need saving, the real-life ladies are anticipated to be like them. In other words, people assume that women are weak and cannot solve their own problems. Yet, Merida, Mulan and various female personalities around the globe have demonstrated that a lady can do what any man can. Hence, wearing the free leather bracelet by Pandora Jewelry further proves that point.

Pandora Promo Gift - Free Leather Bracelet

How is the promo gift an excellent one?
  1. Non-costly materials are used. There are two items required to create this promotional product – leather and clasp. Both do not cost much when purchased in bulk, so the company can still gain more profits because of it.
  2. The brand name is visible. The word Pandora surrounds the metallic portion where the beginning and ending of the gift with purchase meet. It stands out against the leather, that’s why the logo cannot be mistaken.
  3. Yin and yang mix well. What we mean by this is that the colors are supposed to be feminine, but they have become not too feminine since the shade used are darker. This is the reason why the free bracelet looks like only a tough woman will don.

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