Thursday 22 September 2016

Free Umbrella – Versace Promo Gift

There is so much to thank weathermen for. Without their daily information about what kind of weather we can experience the next day, we will be clueless about the proper clothes we should wear. Imagine if it is going to be rainy the following day, but you have decided to be in a tank top because the clouds have been clear today. This is the reason behind their constant advice of bringing an umbrella all the time. Do not worry about style, because Versace has this as a promo gift now.

Free Umbrella – Versace Promo Gift

Advantages of Making It a GWP
  • Production Cost. Umbrellas can be manufactured in bulk, that’s why it is a reasonably priced gift with purchase. You just need them in solid color, so that you can add designs or branding easily.
  • Elegance. The gold print over the white fabric seems very sophisticated, don’t you think? This on-pack promotion of Versace can give you many advertising ideas already as to how you have to promote your brand in another time.
  • Marketability. The free umbrella can catch the interest of the masses, since it can be utilized in various occasions. Consumers will therefore find a lot of uses for it.

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