Friday 30 September 2016

Promo Gift by Smashbox – Trendy Cosmetic Bag

Is it a mystery to you as an entrepreneur why particular promotional ideas do not fit for all consumers? Age is a strong factor to this, since a person’s taste changes as years pass by. If you like pastel colors in your 20s, you may fancy dark colors in your 40s. In case your go-to clothes now are jeans and tees, it is probable that you will choose to don slacks and long-sleeved blouses when you become older. So, assuming that your target audience can still praise items like this trendy bag from Smashbox, trying making a similar one now.

Promo Gift by Smashbox – Trendy Cosmetic Bag

Three Points About the GWP That Scream ‘Profit Rise!’
  1. High-Quality Zipper. The zipper is always the first thing that gets damaged in bags because the customer has to open and close it a few times in a day. Yet, a thick and durable one has been stitched to the branded cosmetic bag, that’s why the users have nothing to worry about. Aside from that, a special puller is used to make it more personalized.
  2. Unique Design. The abstract lines and shapes on the gift with purchase hint petite models posing for the camera. This design is so unique, and you can even see the artist’s name written on the side.
  3. Prominent Brand Name. Despite the print above it, the Smashbox brand has been prominently placed on the promo gift. What we appreciate about this is that it is not in an imposing position, yet is still very noticeable. This is truly how you should market your business.

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