Wednesday 19 October 2016

Alaska Promo Idea – Free Lunch Box

Don’t you sometimes wish you can be a little kid again? Yes, it is fun to travel on your own without the need to ask for your folks’ permission. But there are still some points in your childhood that you surely want to experience again, such as not being required to work eight hours a day to get the lavish items you like, not having to pay rent and other bills, and not needing to live on fast food deliveries because you are either too exhausted or too lazy to cook for yourself.

You may remember the good ol’ times again after seeing this free lunch box from Alaska.

Alaska Promo Idea – Free Lunch Box

Reimbursements from the In-Pack Promotion
  • Brand Consciousness. Every bit of the promo gift can be printed with the company’s logo. This is one of the promotional ideas that can make consumers extra aware that such a brand exists.
  • Consumer Loyalty. A durable lunch box that will last for the whole academic year may be a little on the expensive side. Yet, Alaska is giving it to the customers as a gift with purchase, that’s why their loyalty to the brand will definitely grow.

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