Tuesday 18 October 2016

Promo Gift Bowl by Lucky Me!

The only foods that are best consumed when still cool are ice cream, fruit salads, and cakes. But if there are stews, noodles, and pot roast in the house, it will be disappointing to eat them stone-cold or even lukewarm, as their rich flavors are more evident when they are hot. For this reason, it will be extra satisfactory to have bowls like the GWP from Lucky Me! that can be place in a microwave, so that you can consume the meal as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Promo Gift Bowl by Lucky Me!

Benefits It Will Give to Consumers
  • Unbreakable. The free bowl has been made from thick plastic which will ensure that it will not break even after many falls from a higher elevation. The clumsy hands that may wash it afterward will therefore not have to get a new on-pack promotion often.
  • Microwaveable. Not a lot of food containers can stay inside a microwave oven without melting. But for this gift with purchase to be capable of doing the opposite, it truly is incredible.
  • Practical. If there is one feature that many bowls lack of, it is the additional ear-like handle that is connected on the side of the promo gift. Such a simple yet genius attachment can enhance the way you advertise your brand.

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