Monday 17 October 2016

Free Toiletry Bag from David Beckham Fragrances

If in South Korea the Hallyu stars are opening up restaurants and designing jewelries to show their entrepreneurial skills, the celebrities in Hollywood like P. Diddy, Kylie Jenner, Kanye West and Jessica Simpson have been trying their hands in the cosmetic and fashion industries. The feedback they get from the consumers/fans must be awesome, because even the world-famous athletes seem to not mind riding the wave. In truth, the David Beckham Fragrances may be doing so well that they can manage marketing ideas like this toiletry bag.

Free Toiletry Bag from David Beckham Fragrances

The footballer’s name aside, what other things will customers like about the GWP?
  1. The Side Handle. The main reason why guys do not like to be seen with a grooming bag is because they do not want to look less manly. Yet, since the handle of the promo gift is on the side, it resembles more the clutch that men typically carry.
  2. The Double Zippers. This free toiletry bag has dual zippers that will help the people open it easily. The pullers are far from the average as well.
  3. The Large Opening. Consumers aim for the convenience of not having to fumble for their toiletries under the luggage whenever they obtain this kind of pack. Indeed, this is what they will achieve when they get the gift with purchase.

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