Thursday 20 October 2016

Marketing Tip from Unilever's Eskinol: Print Good Endorsers’ Faces

The young lady in the promo gift below is one-half of a Philippine on-screen loveteam AlDub which has been recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records in 2016 for garnering over 40 million tweets worldwide within 24 hours during a special episode of the noontime show they are a part of. Because of it, it will not be surprising if the people who will see this item will get attracted to get the on-pack promotion for the products she is endorsing. This is one of the reasons why you have to have popular personalities standing behind the brand, and Eskinol has made sure that the brand will benefit from it.

Marketing Tip from Unilever's Eskinol: Print Good Endorsers’ Faces

Other Benefits of Putting the Endorsers’ Face on the Freebies
  1. Instant Eye-catcher. Adding a visual elements is sometimes better than printing words that the customers will need to read. Not all shoppers have ample time to stop for longer than two minutes in a display rack, so the gift with purchase has to be very eye-catching even from afar.
  2. Memory Enhancer. Considering that you use TV commercials as well to market your brand, the consumers will recall the face that they often see in between shows through the customized merchandise. This can help your company to pull in more profits.
  3. Greater Brand Awareness. The free notebook is lightweight, so you can slip it in your bag and carry it anywhere. When various individuals notice the character on the front cover, they will remember who that person is and what brand is being endorsed. Ideally, this will make them think of purchasing something from Eskinol on their next grocery shopping.

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