Wednesday 9 November 2016

Branded Bento Lunch Kit from AQIVA

Whether you have a child of your own or not, you cannot miss the simple truth that new moms and dads are raising their kids in a manner that is quite different from how you have been brought up by your own folks. While the old parents are a tad too protective of the children to the point of not letting them leave the house until they are at the schooling age, the younger generation participates in play dates before they can even walk. So, to make playing more enjoyable for the kiddos, you can keep their snacks in a bento kit from AQIVA, a brand under the Wyeth company.

Branded Bento Lunch Kit from AQIVA

How can the free lunch box pull in more consumers?
  • Distinct Shape. Because the babies will be the ultimate clients, the parents are far interested in things that do not have regular forms. Thus, this bear-shaped gift with purchase can be highly favored by the buyers.
  • Hard-wearing. The plastic used to create the on-pack promotion shows clear signs that it is not going to break even if the baby accidentally knocks it to the ground. This is what many consumers are looking for.
  • Well-decorated. Not only does the promo gift have the shape of a bear, but it also has the face of this adorable animal. The children always have a soft spot for marketing ideas like this, so the sales of the company can go up through this.

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