Wednesday 9 November 2016

Marketing Tip by Michael Kors: Give Them a Box

We give props to all the novice entrepreneurs across the globe who have their heart in the right place and always want to give something to their beloved consumers for free. It does not become publicly known often, but the process of creating promotional products is not stress-free, specifically if you are deprived of previous advertising ideas to gain inspiration from. Hence, with the intention of adding extra strategies to your knowledge base, check out this simple box from Michael Kors.

Marketing Tip by Michael Kors: Give Them a Box

Possible Reasons Why Clients Will Take This GWP
  1. Valuable Appearance. Mundane items look more precious when you use gold paint on it. The patterns on the promo gift too are a bit similar to the actual design on Michael Kors’ regular merchandise.
  2. Visible Brand Name. Since the company is considered high-end, the brand-conscious consumers will definitely approve of its name/logo in the middle of the complimentary box. Ideally speaking, this can bring even more profits for the manufacturers.
  3. Usefulness. The material where the gift with purchase was crafted out of is not weak. As long as it is safe from water, you may use it as a storage for bags, clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

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