Tuesday 29 November 2016

Branded Canvas Bag from Kikkoman

A lot of documentaries about the state of Mother Nature are getting funded and shown in various media outlets, but they all have a single message: if we, human beings, do not participate in restoring the planet and making it livable again, the Earth may no longer exist in the future. For us common folks, we can help even without large projects like that, especially when we begin swapping plastic objects with glass or fabric ones – the type that can be utilized over and over. A perfect example of this is the canvas bag from Kikkoman.

Branded Canvas Bag from Kikkoman

Brand Compensations from Such Promotional Products
  1. Boosted Practicality. When consumers shop in any store, the sales personnel need not pull out new paper or plastic bags. They can just ask them to put their finds in the gift with purchase.
  2. Greater Brand Placement. Though the on-pack promotion is folded well, it is visible on the picture above that it has the name and the logo of the brand covering the entire front part. Hence, this branded canvas bag can rake in more recognition from shoppers.
  3. Increased Worth. If the customers have used it in the dry and/or wet market, they are allowed to hand-wash the promo gift to keep it sanitary. Because the manufacturer has made it with convenience of the people in mind, their significance heightens.

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