Tuesday 29 November 2016

Johnnie Walker On-Pack Promotion – Exclusive Drinking Glasses

Various forms of drinking glasses have been invented in the past centuries in order to follow the customs and traditions that are ruling over the nations. If you have had the opportunity to travel in different countries or simply watch foreign films, it is easy to determine the appropriate cups for tea, mugs for espressos, flutes for wines, and goblets for other beverages. In case you are interested in collecting glasses for alcoholic drinks, be certain to get a pair from Johnnie Walker this year.

Johnnie Walker On-Pack Promotion – Exclusive Drinking Glasses

How a Large Brand Can Compensate from the Giveaway
  • Emphasizes Exclusivity. The packaging of the promotional glasses say in bold, capital letters that they have ‘limited edition design’. This can only mean that customers may not see the items in a while, and so it makes them more eager to get the gift with purchase.
  • Shows Brand’s Generosity. There is not just one but two promo gift products inside the box. It takes a wise manufacturer to provide a single glass to their clients, but a generous business owner to double it.
  • Exemplifies Affordability. You can roam the street for ages and still not find cheap but thick glasses for your whisky. However, Johnnie Walker is giving two of them to consumers within an in-pack promotion for F-R-E-E. That is as inexpensive as it can get.

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