Clinique Gift with Purchase – Promotional Keychain

The people with the purest hearts are easy to extricate from the ones who see the real value of others based on how fat their bank account is, especially when it is gift-giving time. When you wrap a loaf of bread in a beautiful paper and send it to the latter, it is either their smiles will turn into frowns or they will have disappointment showing on their faces. If you do it for the former, the appreciation showing through their eyes say how thankful they are for remembering to give them something.

On that account, including keychain like Clinique's to your normal merchandise can be appreciated by your clients.

Clinique Gift with Purchase – Promotional Keychain

Bankable Traits of the Gift with Purchase
  • Exclusive. Small items are great advertising products because they can be brought everywhere. The main benefit of using keychain as a brand’s promo gift is that the ‘C’ logo can be added to create exclusivity.
  • Hip. It is clearly made for the millennials. Gold key rings suit the vintage look, but the silver tones of this promotional keychain appeals to the younger generation.
  • Ladylike. This design draws a fine line between GWPs for girls and women. Since it is not covered in pink all over, this marketing idea seems more appropriate for the legal-aged ladies.

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