Thursday 10 November 2016

Customized Ball – Latest Promo from Nestlé Milo

The talent in sports is perhaps acquired rather than inherited because there are many athletes whose predecessors dabble in the fields of science, music and technology, among others. Likewise, the sons and daughters of famous sportspersons do not always follow the footsteps of their parents and decide to create their own legacy in a different arena. But if you want your kids to develop a passion for athletics, take this on-pack promotion from Nestlé Milo for them.

Customized Ball – Latest Promo from Nestlé Milo

Clear Characteristics That Can Bring Sales To The Brand
  1. The Logo. A customized ball is supposed to be shared to other children at school or within the neighborhood. The only time that the brand logo cannot be seen by other people is if the family does not get out of the house – something that is just possible in the movies.
  2. Its Child-friendliness. Kids cannot carry the actual size of basketball or volleyball, yet Nestlé has made a smaller version of that and turned it into a user-friendly promo gift. This ascertains that they will not struggle at bouncing the toy around.
  3. The Lack of Gender Discrimination. The gift with purchase is not blue nor pink – the colors typically used to differentiate boys from girls. Therefore, promotional merchandise similar to this can charm children in general.

While this is already a great way to market a brand, you may see more advertising strategies at the Marketing Gifts blog.

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