Monday 7 November 2016

Dunkin’ Donuts GWP – Branded Car Pen

“You can’t always get what you want.”

You remember that one line from The Rolling Stones’ song, don’t you? That has absolutely been an eye-opening statement for millions of individuals around the globe because it reveals that not every single thing you wish to obtain in this lifetime can be yours in a snap of your fingers. BUT (yes, that is in all caps) if you wait patiently and work hard for it, you may stand a chance. A brilliant example of this is when you long for a car and a writing career. In case the funds are insufficient to purchase a vehicle, you can use this car pen instead from Dunkin’ Donuts to write profitable articles and save for your dream auto.

Dunkin’ Donuts GWP – Branded Car Pen

For the manufacturers, on the other hand, the gift with purchase poses several perks too.
  • Reinvents the Brand’s Charisma. Due to their sweetness, some cannot help but associate donuts to people with many weaknesses. However, since cars basically exude masculinity, even the muscly type can get hooked to Dunkin’s promo gift.
  • Provides Branding Space. Customized products can lure business owners each time because of their capability to hold logos. And as you can notice from this branded car pen, the ‘DD’ abbreviation which stands for Dunkin’ Donuts can be viewed immediately by the consumers.
  • Improves Advertising Extent. Just like the life-sized vehicles, no one knows how far this pen can go. It can stay within the city or travel beyond the country. What’s important is that such marketing ideas spread the name of the company without a hitch.

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