Friday 4 November 2016

Personalized Polo Shirt – Alfonso GWP

A bit of researching online can inform you about the fact that there are so-called experts who claim that they can tell what kind of personality you have based on the alcoholic beverage you purchase. It does not affect the taste of the drink, and non-drinkers may not even know one half of the names given to spirits, cocktails and beers that are currently in the market, but it actually is cool that they all see the good ol’ brandy as the beverage for respectable sportsmen. Hence, the Alfonso brandy has included a polo shirt as an on-pack promotion.

Personalized Polo Shirt – Alfonso GWP

Pros of the GWP
  • Good Standard. The manufacturer opted for a polo instead of a regular T-shirt. The older gentlemen who like the beverage will therefore feel like using the promo gift.
  • Better Consumer Loyalty. Their appreciation for the brand can increase, thanks to the customized polo shirt. It represents that they consider the target demographic and not just pack any advertising products on hand.
  • Best Brand Awareness. A shirt is an awesome canvas for the brand logo. As consumers becomes attracted to companies that offer gift with purchase items, they can recognize Alfonso more than the others.

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