Tuesday 1 November 2016

Free Feeding Set by Nestlé Cerelac

There are two kinds of babies in the world: one that you will have to literally remove from the table because he wants to eat everything to the point of indigestion, and another that is just interested in milk. The former is not much of a problem because growing children need all the sustenance they can get, but we cannot say the same for the latter since there are vitamins and nutrients that can only be gotten from real foods. Therefore, with hopes to tempt your little picky eater to consume baby food, take a look at this free feeding set by Nestlé Cerelac.

Free Feeding Set by Nestlé Cerelac

Endearing Benefits for Consumers
  1. Matching Utensils. The parents of kids below 1 year old enjoy the moment that they can still pick the things that the babies will wear or use, and they often turn towards the matching items. This is why the gift with purchase suits their requirements.
  2. Adorable Design. Since they are at the age where their level of comprehension is under the development process, the babes are after colorful and shapely objects. Promotional ideas similar to this is what makes the on-pack promotion a huge help for moms and dads out there.
  3. Comes From Trusted Brand. Nestlé has been in the industry for over a century now, and they hold expansive knowledge on how to advertise a brand. Hence, this feeding set has surely gone through a lot of stages before it was packed as a promo gift.

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