Wednesday 2 November 2016

Philosophy’s Advertising Idea – Branded ‘Love’ Pouch

The character of women in every generation is never the same. In the olden times, they have a submissive personality, the kind that will say yes to their spouse or elders without asking for any explanation. The millennial ladies, on the one hand, cannot often stand taking the backseat and letting other people make decisions for them. This demonstrates that the women of today have a good grasp of what they want in this lifetime and how to meet their goals.

Considering one of these objectives is to be extra organized, feel open to take this branded pouch by Philosophy.

Philosophy’s Advertising Idea – Branded ‘Love’ Pouch

Marketable Factors of the Concept
  1. Generates Sense of Maturity. Colors do change the way that a promo gift appears. If the manufacturer chose to use pink instead of this red, it will seem suitable for teenagers. But since it is the latter, the women of age will not feel restricted to use it.
  2. Radiates Grace. Designing the gift with purchase with the word “love” is simple yet chic. The font style utilized as well brings out its elegance as well.
  3. Shows Durability. The zipper is the first thing that gets broken in a bag. This is why it is cool that the branded pouch has sturdy-looking one.

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