Wednesday 2 November 2016

Macy’s Gifts with Purchase – Promotional Notebook and Case

Macy’s is one of the department stores in the US whose star may never flicker. It is not just because many consumers and brand owners view it as a pioneer in the industry. This is also because they do not hold back with the products they give away on a regular basis. The latest one is the combination of notebook and case (as seen below).

Macy’s Gifts with Purchase – Promotional Notebook and Case

What can the brand achieve from the two?
  1. Enhanced Sales. Single GWPs are quite common for diverse brands, but gifts with purchase are not since they are not cheap in a technical sense. Yet, Macy’s has made it happen and continuously brought it higher sales to the company.
  2. Centralized Recognition. The promotional notebook and the additional free case are available for those who will buy any of the products being sold in the online shop. Because of it, only a portion of the consumers’ mind is on the other brand names, and the larger fragment is focused on getting Macy’s marketing merchandise.
  3. Superior Appreciation. The promo gift items are absolutely useful in a lot of events. This is a wicked manner to advertise the brand as customers feel instant gratification to those who give more than what they ask for.

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