Thursday 3 November 2016

Free Floral Wallet from Watsons

Wallets are not exempted from the superstitious beliefs that inhabitants of various countries hold near and dear to their heart. According to these people, you should place a bank note of any amount in a new wallet that cannot ever be used to buy anything as this is your lucky charm that can “attract” money. Something has been mentioned as well regarding the way that you pile the bills in the wallet. They say that there should not be folded ends in order to prevent bad luck. It is totally up to you if you wish to follow these opinions, but you will still look pretty any way with the floral wallet from Watsons under your arm.

Free Floral Wallet from Watsons

Perks of Taking A GWP from Esteemed Makers
  • Suitable. This is a gift with purchase that may never run out of luster because money is not a seasonal thing. Everyone needs a container to keep their cash in for spending, that’s why it is very suitable.
  • Brilliant. The ladies normally love floral prints at any time of the year, and the fact that the brand is aware of it is really brilliant. Therefore, more sales may go to them via this free wallet.
  • Rational. The longer type of wallets seems to be extra appropriate for women than the men. Since Watsons’ main consumers are the former, their rationality shows in this promo gift, as well as in various promotional ideas that the brand has had.

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